GAF Roofing Products

GAF Roofing Products GAF roofing products are a big name in the roofing industry. Many roofing companies use their products and swear by them. If you are a roofer looking to purchase these products or just someone that wants to fix their own roof, this article is for you. You will learn how to [...]

Storm Damage

Coping With The Damage After A Storm When a major storm ends, you have to be prepared to deal with the fallout. This is especially true if hail was a part of the storm; hail can cause massive amounts of damage. There are many roofers in East TX to choose from and we offer free [...]

Advances in Modern Roofing Technology

Taking Advantage Of Modern Advances In Roof Technology Has your home's roof seen better days? If it is time for you to replace your roof, you should take a look at modern advances in roof technology. Roofing has come a long way, and your new roof may be able to add functionality to your home. [...]

Roof Inspection

Inspecting your Roof Yourself...What to Look For The roofing is one of the most important aspects of every house, and it is a good idea to ensure it is in the best state. Roofing problems can sometimes be expensive to repair, but wasting time can mean more damage that will force you to pay even [...]

Common Roofing Problems

Common Roofing Problems Roofs are a very essential part of your home. When you start having problems with them, you may wonder how extensive it is. Here you will learn 5 of the most common problems with roofing that may require someone with experience to fix. 1. Improper or incorrect installation. The roof on your [...]

Commercial Roofing in East TX

Commercial Roofing in East TX Whether you're installing a brand new roof, repairing your current roof, or looking to launch a roof replacement, there's something you have to remember: You're getting ready to invest in your home and spend money. One of the most painful mistakes homeowners make is hiring cheap labor and purchasing cheap [...]

TAAMKO Certified Roofing Contractor in

TAAMKO Certified Roofing Contractor in Gordy Roofing Inc is proud to partner with TAMKO to deliver you both groundbreaking roofing products combined with proven installation performance. Our Texas licensed and TAMKO certified roofers have the experience and skill necessary to complete all projects by deadlines with better-than-expected results. We are the best because we work [...]

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roofing System

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roofing System As a homeowner, you would certainly want your home and its roof to remain intact during all times of the year. However, this is easier said than done. The winter weather, in particular, can truly wreck havoc on your home’s roofing system. Unless you take necessary precautions [...]

Commercial Roofing Repair

Commercial Roofing Repair Got stuck with your leaking roof? Well, that is a common problem for many people. But these problems need to be solved as early as possible, unfortunately the more you delay repairing the roof the more problems you will be facing as days pass by. If you find any problems with your [...]